What are these?

Displays for your 3.75" action figures.

I just did my taxes and now I have all this money.

Great! Spend it here.

Are these toys?


But aren't these for action figures?

Yes - to display your figures (serious collectors know what we mean). While some sets do contain some action features these are designed as collectors displays.

Are these ok for children?

No. They may contain sharp edges and small parts. So parents and guardians - take note and be cautious of this fact. 

How are your products made?

From a variety of methods using durable plastics either via 3D printing or resin casting.

Who shot first?



Relax we're just playing, we know it was Bossk.........

Do you have displays for 6", 7", or 12" figures?


When will my pre-order ship?

Item ship dates will be listed within the detail page of the item purchased. Items will ship in the order received, so be sure to get your order in sooner than later.

*************** We cant stress this enough. *************** 

*******The sooner you order the sooner you receive your set*******

Will pre-orders and other items sell out?

Yes. Thats why we say get your order in sooner rather than later. The description for each item will be updated as orders come in to reflect current wait times.

I'm browising your site and I've noticed the pre-order dates have been changed on the items page that I ordered, why?

That is the new "expected date" for current orders. The item's description will be updated as orders come in to reflect the expected turnaround time for the current demand. The sooner your order gets in, the sooner you get scheduled in for delivery. The pre-order arrival timeframe that was listed when you placed your order is when you can expect your item(s). If you are not certain visit the Pre-order Timetable page and compare that against the date you created your order.

Will I recieve a notification when my order ships?

Yes - via the email you provided when ordering.


Are you guys a service?

Yes - please be aware everything is made to order and most of the costs go towards services rendered, therefore we do not accept returns. However we do honor any type of broken or missing part and will do our best to repair or replace any damaged or defective items.

Do you expect delays?

No. For a few reasons:

1. We have recently invested in new tools, methods, and materials that let us produce most parts at 3x the speed during our indiegogo campaign. (For example, last year it took us 11 hours to print a trunk for a treehut. It now takes 4 hours.)

2. We are already creating a back log of parts before orders come in. Everyone will be kept up-to-date via our Facebook page and this site.

3. Time tables will be updated when too many orders come in. The approximate delivery date reflected on the item when you made your purchase is for your group. When a lot of orders come in these dates will be updated for the person currently purchasing.

4. We're pretty much experts on 3D printing now.

My coupon code is not working, why?

Did you use it already?

NO                                                                                                      YES

Email us at                                        Most coupons are single use.
OR visit the Contact Us page.

How do I get a coupon code?

The only coupons currently available are the ones given out if you made a purchase from our Indiegogo campaign last year. If you were one of these individuals you should have recieved an email from us regarding this in February 2015.

Follow us on Facebook for any future promotions and/or couopon codes.

I am a lifetime perk customer from the Indiegogo campaign how do I use my perk?

You should have recieved an email from us regarding how to activate your account. If not email us at OR via the Contact Us page. Please note the lifetime perk will already be reflected on items when signed into your account (for this perk only).

How do I know if my Lifetime Perk is working?

If you are uncertain it working, log off and check the page while not logged on to view the normal price. When signed in to your account, the lifetime perk automatically applies to products on this site. 

Can I still purchase the Lifetime Perk?

Unfortunetly no. This was for early adopters who purchased it durring our Indiegogo campaign.

My Electronics in my set aren't working.....

Are the Batteries dead?

NO                                                                                                 YES

Email us at                                        Get new ones.
OR visit the Contact us page.

Did you Break it?

NO                                                                                                 YES

Email us at                                        ...........
OR visit the Contact Us page.

Can we be friends?

Are you creepy?

NO                                                                                                Define Creepy

Follow us on Facebook!                                                                 We can not......

Can I commission you to 3D Design, 3D Print, Customise, Paint, or make something for me?

Absolutely! Send us your request via email at OR through the Contact Us page. We will get back to you regarding whether or not we can produce your item.  We will also provide an estimate for work at the time of response. 

My question is not listed here.

Email us at OR visit the Contact Us page. We're happy to help!